About London and Essex Pure Water

With a base just 2 mins from the Blackwall Tunnel on the south side, our London unit is is perfectly located to provide pure water supply to both London and Essex - the clue is in the name!

London and Essex MapWith a background from the window cleaning business, London and Essex Pure Water is a business dedicated to providing high quality pure water services to our window cleaning customers.

With on-site purification and storage facilities you can be sure of getting the volume of pure water you need when you need it. We have 5,000 lts of pure water on site at all times.

Our booster pressure system means that we can fill a typical tank of 650 lts in under 10 minutes.

In fact, a high level of customer service is something we pride ourselves on. This is why we operate a booking system to allow you to select the time you want the collect your pure water.

This saves you valuable fee earning time.

With free parking on-site, collecting your water could not be easier.

We pride ourselves on the purity of water that we supply, putting all water through a 5 stage water purification system that guarantees a zero parts per millon purity level that we know is essential to deliver crystal clear windows with the Reach and Wash, or other pole and supply sytems.

Don't waste your time with the rest -

Get your pure water from the best!

Please call to arrange a filling up time or if you have any special requirements call us now on 07540 283 453, or visit our contact page for further information on how to get in touch.