Pure Water Supply

London and Essex Pure Water supplies pure R.O. water for window cleaning using the Reach & Wash and other pole fed systems.

The benefit of using pure filtered water is the assurance that when the cleaning is over, the window is sparklingly clean with no risk of a mark caused by any minerals or chemicals in the water.

Anything in the water, even chemicals deliberately added such as flouride and chlorine can cause marks.

Purifying The Water

Making sure the water is completely pure is therefore a number one priority, which is why we run our water through a 5 stage process to achieve a totally dissolved solids (TDS) ratio of 0 parts per million (PPM).

This is what our 5 stage water filtering process looks like:

5 stage filtering system

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a fibre sediment filter which is used to to remove rust, sand, silt or another larger particle contamination.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is a finer carbon filter to remove contaminant chemicals such as pesticides - or any another deliberate additives such as chlorine or flouride.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is a finer carbon block filter that will remove 99.99% of impurity from the water - this would be more than enough for many applications, including drinking water, but we go further.

Stage 4

The 4th stage is a fibre sediment filter to remove any of the sediment impurity in the water that could have got through the previous stages which will remove all, but the very finest of fine sediment.

Stage 5

The 5th stage is not really a filter, but a process that has a filtering effect. The water is passed through a pressure vessel containing mixed bed resin which acts as a 'polisher' and finally brings the water purity up to the the TDS value of 0ppm which ensures it meets our stringent pure water quality standard.

Please call to arrange a filling up time or if you have any special requirements call us now on 07540 283 453, or visit our contact page for further information on how to get in touch.